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Effective fitness instruction and training programme design require an exercise specialist trainer to combine professional experience with strategies underpinned by scientific evidence. This book allows readers to develop their understanding of the scientific rationale behind important components of personal training, such as monitoring fitness and training programme design. Each chapter synthesizes the findings of cutting-edge scientific research to identify optimum training methods and dispel some myths that are prevalent in the fitness industry.

The chapters within this new edition have been written by internationally renowned experts from several disciplines, including strength and conditioning, physiology, psychology, and nutrition. Contributions have also been made from esteemed academics who have conducted some of the scientific studies discussed within the book. The authors have interpreted and summarised the scientific evidence and produced evidence-based recommendations, allowing readers to explore the latest concepts and research findings and apply them in practice. The book includes several new chapters, such as evidenced based practice (EBP), and designing training programmes female clients.

This second edition remains the essential text for fitness instructors, personal trainers and sport and exercise students. The book provides an invaluable resource for fitness courses, exercise science degree programmes and continued professional development for exercise professionals.

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