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Research Publications

Hough, P., Bender, A., Driller, M. & Pedlar, C. (2023). BASES Expert Statement: Methods to monitor athletes' Sleep. The Sport & Exercise Scientist, 76, 8-9.

Hough, P., Patterson, S., North, J., & Pedlar, C. (2021). Monitoring athletes Sleep: a survey of current trends amongst practitioners. The Journal of Sport & Exercise Science, 5(4), 277-284

Hough, P. (2018). Case Study: The effects of a three-week restricted carbohydrate diet on exercise metabolism and performance of three cyclists. Trends in Sport Sciences, 3 (25), 117-125.

Hough, P., Glaister, M., & Pledger, A. (2017). The Accuracy of Wrist-worn Heart Rate Monitors across a Range of Exercise Intensities. Journal of Physical Activity Research, 2(2), 112-116. 

Hough, P., & Earle, J. (2017). Energy Balance During A Self-sufficient, Multistage Ultramarathon: a Case Study. Journal of Human Performance in Extreme Environments, 13(1).

Howatson, G., Hough, P., Pattison, J., et al. (2010). Trekking poles reduce exercise induced muscle injury during mountain walking. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 43, 140-145. 

Hough, P., Ross, E., & Howatson, G. (2009). Effects of dynamic and static stretching on vertical jump performance and electromyographic activity. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 23, 507-512.


Full text articles available here 

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